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The Southern Ohio PORTS Mega Site offers robust on-site infrastructure ready to serve a heavy utility user. 

With the potential of up to 4,860 MW of delivery capacity from multiple transmission sources and the ability to inter-connect to both the MISO and PJM independent transmission operation systems, the PORTS site is arguably one of the best served electrical sites in North America.  Transmission lines of 765 kV/345kV/138kV are located at or adjacent to the industrial park.  On-site, twenty-four (24) overhead electric distribution feeders provide 138 kV service throughout the site.  The size and redundancy of the power and distribution services ensures exceptional reliability.

PORTS industrial park boasts an on-site water treatment plant that can treat up to 4 million gallon per day (mgd); it boasts an excess capacity of 2.3 mgd.  Likewise, the on-site waste water treatment plant has a 1.2 mgd designed capacity with a 950,000 gpd in excess capacity.  The site enjoys fiber optics and telecommunication services from several companies and is adjacent to the OARnet fiber backbone—the highest capacity and fastest state-owned fiber network in the nation.  The PORTS site hosts on-site rail, has excellent four-lane highway access, and first-rate interior roadways.  All of the following are also located within the PORTS industrial park: an on-site steam plant, cooling tower, and compressed air system, plus an on-site fire/EMS station, medical facility and private security.  This latter EMS and security layer gives the Southern Ohio PORTS Mega Site a competitive advantage over areas that may only offer local off-site services.

Property for Sale or Lease

3930 US-23
Piketon, OH 45661

Detailed Information:
Land Information
Site Infrastructure Summaries
Site Summary PDF

This interactive site concept map shows all structures, utilities, landfills, and parcel transfers within the PORTS site. There is brief tutorial to inform on how to use map to highest utility. Please note that your browser must be expanded to full screen and your browser image size needs to be 100% (no higher, no lower):

Full Screen Site Map

Land Information

Land Information

Land Types:
Industrial Park:
Previous Use:
Part of DOE Reservation
SODI (Public Redevelopment Organization)

Pricing Information

Total Available:
80+ acres
Sale Price
Negotiable based on jobs & investment


Site Address:
3930 US route 23, Piketon OH
Seal & Scioto Townships


Level to slightly rolling
Flood Plain:

Geo Reports

Phase 1 Environmental Rpt:
Yes (DOE EA Report)
Soil Boring Report Available:
Yes w/in Industrial Park



4-Lane Highway/ Distance:
US 23/ 3 miles
4-Lane Highway/ Distance:
OH 32/ 5 miles
US Interstate/ Distance:
I-64/ 53 miles
US Interstate/ Distance:
I-70/ 70 miles


Airport Major Commercial:
John Glenn International Airport (CMH) in Columbus, OH
Distance to Commercial Airport:
72 miles
Airport Cargo/ Intermodal Rail:
Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK)
Distance to Cargo Airport:
55 miles
Airport Local:
Pike County Airport


Nearest Port:
Conley River Terminal
Distance to Port:
25 miles
Barge-Intermodal Rail Port:
South Point Industrial Park
Distance to Port:
51 miles


Rail Name:
Norfolk Southern (NS) Heartland Corridor
Distance to Rail:
On site in industrial park



Electric Provider:
Electric Voltage:
Electric Phase:


Gas on Site:
Gas Provider:
Pike Natural Gas
Gas Main PSI:
100 psi
Size of Gas Main:
8 inch


Sewer on Site:
Sewer Provider:
Sewer Main Size:
8 inch & 6 inch


Water on Site:
Water Provider:
Water Main Size:
48 inch


Telecom on Site:
Telecom Provider:
Frontier and Horizon
Fiber Optics:
Yes 48-strand and separate 36-strand

Infrastructure Summaries


A host of environmental studies have been completed to access a variety of environmental, historic, cultural, and related issues. These studies would be equivalent to a traditional Phase I/II Report. Examples include the 2017 Environmental Assessment specific to land transfer for future development of the Southern Ohio PORTS Mega Site (DOE 1856/EA), the FFE Future Vision report, the PORTS annual environmental reports, as generated by DOE, and a host of other studies performed by the Federal government, State, universities and private contractors. The PORTS Annual Site Environmental Report is prepared to summarize environmental activities and primarily environmental monitoring at the PORTS industrial park. The report fulfills a requirement of DOE Order 231.1B, Environment, Safety and Health Reporting, to prepare an annual summary of environmental data to characterize environmental management performance.

Completed Environmental Studies

1). Wetlands
2). Headwater Streams and Wetlands Mitigation Study
3). Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species
4). Archaeological Resources
5). Prehistoric Native American Mound Study
6). Habitat Report & Survey
7). Architectural Properties
Studies 1997 and 2010


PORTS is located in a very stable geologic area. The majority of the soils have already been graded for development, and the risks associated with development are low. (DOE 2016a). Soil Type, Soils Map and Seismic Risk Factors Studies have all been completed.


Pike County is located within an “Attainment Area”. The PORTS Mega Site is located in the Wilmington-Chillicothe-Logan Intrastate Air Quality Control Region, and is an attainment area for all criteria pollutants (40 CFR 81.336).


PORTS is in a rural setting and no residences or other sensitive receptor locations (e.g. schools, hospitals) exist in the immediate vicinity of any noisy on-site operations..


Four (4) existing on-site storm water outlets, with current NPDES discharge permits, have the potential to alleviate any concerns from end users about meeting the fairly new and stringent EPA runoff requirements. The end user would apply for an amended permit or a new permit, using the precedence of the existing permits.


The DOE, in partnership with the Ohio EPA and U.S. EPA, monitors ground water regularly. An Integrated Groundwater Monitoring Plan (IGWMP) has been developed for the site.


The entire PORTS Mega site is located outside the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 100-year floodplain. (NFIP Flood Hazard Maps, FEMA)


The on-site rail connects to the Norfolk Southern (NS) Heartland Corridor Main Line, which, on average, carries 30 or more trains per week according to Norfolk Southern and can accommodate double-stacked intermodal trains throughout. Heartland Corridor overpass facility. In addition, CSX Transportation’s mainline and Norfolk Southern Heartland meet just north of Zhan’s Corner Industrial Park approximately 6 miles to the north


Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) in Columbus, Ohio is approximately 55 miles to the north. Rickenbacker Inland Port includes Air Freight, Intermodal Rail, Trucking & Logistics, and Warehousing & Distribution services.


Barge service is located approximately 25 miles to the south at Conley River Terminal. In addition, an intermodal rail/barge/highway port is located 51 miles south at the South Point Industrial Park.


Pike County Airport (4,899̍ runway) is approximately 13 miles from the site.

Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport (5,001̍ runway) is approximately 15 miles from the site.

Ashland Regional Airport (5,602̍ runway) is approximately 55 miles from the site.


With 141 direct flights to 34 destinations, John Glenn International Airport (CMH) in Columbus, Ohio is approximately 72 miles to the north. Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is approximately 102 miles to the west and hosts over 165 peak-day flights to 56 nonstop airport destinations.


The industrial park has four (4) public access points and is located at the intersection of two (2) major four-lane divided highways. U.S. 23, a north-south highway, connects Columbus, Ohio (where I-70 and I-71 intersect) and Ashville/Huntington, WV (I-64). To the north, Ohio State Route 32 connects Cincinnati, Ohio (I-75) and Parkersburg WV (I-77).


The PORTS site is also adjacent to the ultra-high capacity OARnet backbone, which is the most robust State-owned fiber backbone in the U.S. Construction of a Point of Presence (POP) on the OARnet possible if future end users require the ultra-high speeds.

Two (2) 48-strand backbone fiber bundles supply the site and are referred to as the west and south bundles. Frontier Communications owns the west bundle which enters the industrial park along the west access road. Currently, only six of the 48 fibers are being utilized. Columbus-based Horizon Corporation owns the south bundle and enters the industrial park along the southwest access road and splits on-site into two fiber bundles of 36 and 12 strands. In the former bundle, only 4 of the 36 fibers are being utilized; the 12 fiber bundle is being fully utilized.


Natural gas is supplied by Pike Natural Gas through a main line from Zahn’s Corners from a city gate located near Oak Hill, OH. The gas line enters the site at 100 psig through an 8” underground line.


The onsite fire water system consists of a 300,000 gallon elevated storage tank with 125 psi with diesel back up pumps.


Water distributed throughout the industrial park comes from an on-site water treatment plant. All water is lime softened to an approximate hardness of 100 ppm CaC03. The water can be used for cooling or drinking. Potable water is filtered, re-carbonized, and chlorinated for distribution. The on-site Water Treatment Plant can currently produce 4 mgd of potable water and has a total production capacity of 24 mgd. Produced potable water is pumped to an elevated 200̍’ water storage tank with a 250,000 gal capacity. Water pressure throughout the industrial park is approximately 85 psig. A 12̎ potable water line provides the PORTS Mega Site with an estimated maximum flow capability of 2500gpm. The water treatment plant and all distribution piping are in service, owned by the Department of Energy (DOE), and managed by an outside contractor.

Medical And Emergency Facilities

One of the unique features of the PORTS Industrial Park is its onsite emergency and medical facility specializing in energy industry emergency treatment. This includes an onsite fire station, plus mutual aid agreements with area fire departments. In addition there is an onsite medical facility as well as an Emergency Operation Center which is able to provide integrated response to emergency situations by trained and certified personnel


The site has a 1.2 mgd on-site Waste Water Treatment Plant with 950,000 gpd in excess capacity; its currently used capacity is 250,000 gpd. Sanitary sewer lines of 8- (two) and 6-inches (one) terminate a few hundred feet west of the PORTS Mega site.


Five 345kV high-voltage transmission lines with an aggregate design capacity of 4860MW supply the site in utility company controlled easements that terminate at an on-site substation. The substation is arranged in a double bus breaker and a half scheme with four operating step-down transformers to 13.8kV. In addition, transmission lines of 765 kV/345kV/138kV are located at or adjacent to industrial park. Twenty-four 13.8kV overhead distribution feeders, each with an approximate capacity of 12MW, leave the on-site substation for distribution to the entire DOE campus.


The onsite Steam Plant consists of two (2) natural gas fired steam boilers, with fuel oil backups. Each boiler capable of producing 50,000 pounds of steam per hour at 125 psi.


The onsite Compressed Air Plant has four (4) electric driven compressors that are capable of producing ~15 million standard cubic feet (scf) of clean dry air at 110 psi and dried to 60 degrees Fahrenheit per day in a looped system.

Environmental Reports

More documents

Infrastructure Reports

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