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The SODI four-county region covers the heart of southern Ohio, which has a long history of heavy and complex manufacturing.  The region boasts a capable labor surplus in close proximity to world class universities, technical schools and community colleges.  Business growth is supported by Ohio’s low-tax environment.  Affordable home/land prices in Pike County and Southern Ohio add appeal and create a recruiting opportunity from high priced rent areas in other regional metro centers. These regional features and those below encourage a low cost and attractive business environment.


The right workforce is critical to any businesses success.  The workforce in Southern Ohio is well known for their loyalty and productivity.  It is not uncommon for companies a hundred miles away to recruit from the area due to the region’s talented, dedicated and abundant workforce.  In Southern Ohio you will find the talent you need today as well as tomorrow as your business grows.


SODI’s industrial properties provide easy access to uncongested 4-lane highways; Ohio River access; and two Class-A railways.  It’s important to note that US 23, US 35 and OH 32 are all under-utilized 4-lane highways that offer great transportation alternatives to some of the crowded interstates with short drives to Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Charleston, WV, and Parkersburg, WV.  The SODI sites afford end-users easy access to U.S. East Coast, Midwest, and Southern markets as well as key Canadian population and industrial centers.

Cheapest Natural Gas

The Appalachian Region of Ohio has some of the cheapest natural gas in the nation due to the presence of shale gas.  Ohio is a prime location for manufacturers, energy producers and refiners that consume natural gas or natural gas liquids for fuel or feedstock

Companies in Region

Southern Ohio is home to major companies such as Kenworth Trucks, GlatFelter, Innovative Solutions, General Mills, OSCO, Pixelle Specialty Solutions, Elemental Refining and Sun Coke.

Air Quality

For air quality purposes, Pike County is considered an “Attainment Area.”  This is good news – especially with regards to new development.  A “non-attainment Area”, which is often found in many larger metropolitan areas, is considered to have air quality worse than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards as defined in the Clean Air Act Amendments.

Environmental Studies

For the SODI Sites, all major environmental studies have been completed that addressed a variety of environmental, historic, cultural, and related issues, making these site more attractive and ready for repurposing.


Local, state and federal incentives are available. These include but are not limited to:
– Jobs Creation Tax Credits Program
– Community Revitalization Areas – Tax Abatement
– Enterprise Zone Tax Abatements

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Regional Advantages

This industrial park, located in Pike County, has passed a rigorous and thorough analysis and has met all certification criteria, including utility availability, ease to transportation routes and environmental considerations.

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Economic Development Partners

SODI is the DOE recognized Community Reuse Organization (CRO), the lead entity tasked with redeveloping the underutilized land and facilities at the DOE Piketon site, while at the same time promoting economic development and diversifying the region’s economy. SODI works with a number of state and regional partners.

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